Core Values as part of the Business Strategy


"A huge part of our success has been made possible by communication and transparency," Carl Bjerkne (CEO) says. 


Prior to his work at Insert Coin, Carl is a startup entrepreneur, having founded several companies "It's my job to empower people to make the right choices". 

Carl think a leader's most important job is to help employees understand the overarching goals and priorities of the business. To succeed he have a simple list of reminders about the company's mission and approach to reach Insert Coins goals.

Carl´s most important missions:

  1. Clear Vision: The ultimate end goal for the company.
  2. Communicated Values: The core values othat we live by?
  3. Working Methods: What steps to take to get to our Vision, without compromising our values?
  4. Unknown Analysis: What future roadblocks can we see?
  5. Visable Measures: How do we going to visualise success?

This is how Insert Coin build a value based culture: 

  • Hire people who share Insert Coin values. "People are hired for talent, ambitions and social skills. Carl says.
  • Hold hack days. set aside time to play with little projects.
  • Recognize big and little accomplishments. 
  • Get comfortable being highlighted for living the brand. 

Core values shapes the culture and reflect Insert Coin values, the company’s identity. Establishing strong core values provides both internal and external advantages for us. 

  • Core values help Insert Coin in the decision-making processes. 
  • Core values educate clients and potential customers about what the company is about and clarify the identity of Insert Coin.
  • Core values are Insert Coins primary recruiting and retention tool. 

One article that captured our attention  when researching on core values are:


"Developing a Strategy" by OnStrategy.




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